Gary Lineker set for Match of the Day verdict as BBC call ‘urgent talks’ with presenter | Football | Sport
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Gary Lineker set for Match of the Day verdict as BBC call ‘urgent talks’ with presenter | Football | Sport

The BBC have called 'urgent talks' with Gary Lineker and his team as all parties work to find a resolution to their ongoing Twitter dispute. Lineker was told to step back from his Match of the Day presenting duties this weekend, leaving the broadcaster in turmoil after a wave of his colleagues boycotted the show in solidarity with the former England striker.

Saturday night saw a Match of the Day episode aired unlike any other, with games played in succession without commentary, a presenter or pundit analysis. The whole production lasted just 20 minutes, serving as a symbol of the BBC's chaotic few days. 

Lineker was initially told to step back from his presenting duties after comparing the government's new asylum policy to 1930s Germany. Putting those views on Twitter supposedly broke editorial guidelines and the 62-year-old refused to apologise. 

Ian Wright and Alan Shearer were among a host of names to withdraw from the show in support of their colleague, while football Focus and Final score also had to be taken off air this weekend as numerous BBC presenters made themselves unavailable. 

BBC director-general Tim Davie has already made it crystal clear that he would like to see Lineker back on TV screens as soon as possible, revealing on Saturday: "Success for me is getting Gary back on air and together we are giving to the audiences that world-class sports coverage which, as I say, I’m sorry we haven’t been able to deliver today."

Davie has jetted back from the US to resolve the issue and The Independent claim that 'urgent' talks are taking place between Lineker and his employers, with steady progress being made. BBC figures supposedly want Lineker back on screens this week and any breakthrough in negotiations would be announced immediately.

According to The Telegraph, there is 'growing confidence' that the long-serving presenter will be back in time for next weekend amid murmurs that a position on Lineker's future social media use will soon be agreed. 

"Gary was not equating Britain to Nazi Germany. All he said – which is true – is that the language used towards the asylum seekers is similar to the language used by Germany in the 1930s. And he had the right to express his view on his personal Twitter account.

"The BBC can’t pick and choose when it wants to be impartial. It was OK for Gary to be critical of Qatar and its human rights record – yet it’s not OK for him to be critical of human rights issues in his own country. The truth is the BBC is crying about wrongdoing because they are frightened of the Government."

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