Tottenham: Mauricio Pochettino’s stance on job and every word he’s said about returning | Football | Sport
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Tottenham: Mauricio Pochettino’s stance on job and every word he’s said about returning | Football | Sport

Pochettino is currently second-favourite behind former Bayern Munich boss Julian Nagelsmann to take over the job in the summer went Cristian Stellini’s interim spell comes to an end. The 51-year-old would be a popular pick with supporters but Daniel Levy is reportedly said to have reservations with many other names also on his shortlist.

Pochettino is believed to be keen on coming back and has said as much in the past. The Argentine has previously admitted that returning to the club is something he aims to do in his career in order to repay the fans for their love with a trophy.

"Before I die I want to manage Tottenham and try to win one title,” he told BT Sport during the first Coronavirus lockdown in 2020. “Because I want to know what it feels to win one title with Tottenham because the fans are amazing. The love we received was amazing. It will be an opportunity to pay back the fans for all the love they showed us."

A return to north London would also be a chance to heal old wounds from his initial exit. Pochettino has regularly described Tottenham as his family and still lives near the ground today.

“It in my mind. It’s really painful,” he told the Daily Mail in 2021 on the two-year anniversary of his departure. “To be honest, in the beginning, it was really painful to watch the [Tottenham] games. Because when you feel a club like home, it’s not easy to split from this feeling. Of course, we feel lucky that we were part of the family of Tottenham.

“Five-and-a-half years. It was an amazing journey. We could not deliver a trophy for the fans, for the club — a trophy that the Players deserve, the club deserves, our president, Daniel (Levy), and of course the fans. All of us worked so hard to try to deliver this and we didn’t achieve [it].

‘But the journey was amazing and we create something special in between us, all together. Of course, [it’s] always in our heart.”

The biggest barrier to Pochettino’s potential return is club chairman Levy but even the 61-year-old has previously suggested he would be open to appointing him again.

“I’m sure he’ll come back stronger and get an opportunity to manage another great club. Maybe one day he’ll come back to us.” he told the Evening Standard in 2019 after sacking him. "Mauricio did a fantastic job, we are very grateful. I wish him all the best for the future. I'm still in contact with him. My relationship is very good with him. It just got to the point where it felt we needed a divorce."

Following the sacking of Jose Mourinho in 2021, The Athletic reported that Spurs officials had opened talks with Pochettino over a return suggesting Levy would at least contemplate the idea. However, nothing came of them and Nuno Espirito Santo was hired instead with the 51-year-old staying at PSG.

It remains to be seen whether or not Tottenham will go back for Pochettino as they seek a long-term replacement for Conte but it would be a popular choice as far as supporters and the man himself are concerned.

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