EA Sports FC unveils new logo, visual identity for the first time since ending 30-year deal with FIFA
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EA Sports FC unveils new logo, visual identity for the first time since ending 30-year deal with FIFA

EA Sports have unveiled the new logo that will accompany their flagship football franchise as the California-based video game developers prepare to launch their first title of the post-FIFA era.

EA Sports and FIFA officially ended their 30-year partnership last May after the two sides failed to strike a new licensing deal. This brought to an end one of the most prominent and successful collaborations in video game history. The split means that EA Sports can no longer use the name of football's governing body to title their franchise, which henceforth will be known as "EA Sports FC."

With a new name comes a brand new emblem. Indeed, the entire EA Sports FC platform aesthetic takes inspiration from triangles -- a shape synonymous with football tactics and culture.

The triangular mark also bears hallmarks of EA Sports FIFA games past, be it in the isometric camera angles of the classic 8-bit titles of the 1990s or the tri-cornered player indicator symbol used throughout the series and familiar to millions of fans worldwide.

The new "FC" logo is set to debut in the real world this coming weekend during more than 100 matches set to be played across the biggest leagues in the world; from the Premier League, LaLiga, German Bundesliga, and Ligue 1 to the Women's Super League and the National Women's Soccer League.

"Through our long-standing partnership with EA SPORTS, we are able to bring fans around the world closer to the Premier League and we recognise the importance of the next generation in growing the future of football," said Richard Masters, Premier League Chief Executive.

"The NWSL's 2022 partnership agreement with EA SPORTS was not only a monumental moment for women's soccer, but also a long-term vision and investment," added Jessica Berman, Commissioner for the NWSL. "The next chapter of the World's Game is reliant on recognition of the amazing talent and impact that leagues like the NWSL offer to every type of football fan, and EA SPORTS FC will do just that and more."

While EA Sports are concentrating on rebranding their crown jewel, it's thought that FIFA are now busy working on a football game of their very own having previously claimed to be working with other developers to produce a rival title. Ergo, last year's FIFA 23 is the last entry to the pantheon that will go under the FIFA name.

EA Sports had been using the FIFA name since the very first iteration of their series, which first launched in 1993 with FIFA International Soccer, that was originally released on the Sega Mega Drive and Sega Genesis consoles.

Since then a further 38 titles have been released in 18 languages across 51 countries on just about every different format and platform you can imagine, including mobile. Indeed, FIFA is recognised by the Guinness World Records as being the best-selling sports video game franchise in history, shifting well over 325 million copies worldwide as of 2021.

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