At The Match Revisited: LAFC 2-2 Vancouver Whitecaps, 2018
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We're packing up our metaphorical bags and jetting off with Andy Brassell for another episode of At The Match Revisited, as we take a look back at a time when we could get out and enjoy world football's best atmospheres.

Today, Andy heads to Los Angeles to watch LAFC in their inaugural MLS season. He meets up with Jose Salcedo of the District 9 Ultras, plus 3252 members Karla Villaseñor and Sam Ko, to discuss why being in downtown Los Angeles is crucial, and why - even though their local rivals had Zlatan Ibrahimović at the time - they don’t envy the Galaxy. Then, join Andy out on the terraces as Will Ferrell leads the chanting and he basks in the amazing and authentic terrace atmosphere that this young club has managed to create.

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