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Pete here from The Football Ramble. I've been working on a show I think you're going to very much enjoy, so I thought I'd stick an episode in here as a little treat for your Saturday afternoon! If you love the Ramble, I reckon you're going to very much enjoy this.

Ian Fiveankles seeks to make his mark on modern sports radio in his very first radio show, in a cynical bid to win his ex-wife Denise back. The only thing that stands in his way is his new show sponsor, MENSMOOTH. Mmmmn…that’s smooth! - subscribe now, or search for 'Sports Horn' wherever you get your podcasts. Lovely!

Sports Horn is a brand new sitcom hosted by comedians Anthony Richardson and Mark Davison, best known collectively as the popular online sketch duo 'The Exploding Heads'.

Sports Horn is a Stak Production.

This is a work of fiction. This podcast is protected under copyright. Listener discretion is advised.

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