On The Continent: Cyber training in Germany and the great Radomir Antić
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Wilkommen! Our resident space investigators, Luke Moore and Andy Brassell, are back with a brand new episode of On The Continent! 

We begin over in Germany, as genuine fear spreads that as many as a third of professional German sides could be declare bankruptcy. We discuss how clubs like Schalke are attempting to combat the problem, as well as talking about some actual football since some clubs have begun highly-regulated training. Unfortunately, Kingsley Coman and Corentin Tolisso completely forgot the social distancing guidelines and hugged each other upon arrival at Bayern training… Meine Güte.

Elsewhere, we discuss Javiert Tebas’ work in Spain and his continued updates about how La Liga aims to complete the season, while Toni Kroos has copped some unwarranted flack for his thoughts around players donating some of their wages. We also spare a moment to celebrate the great life of Randomir Antić, the celebrated Serbian manager who won the double with Atlético in 1995/96 and remains the only man to manage Spain’s big three clubs, after his sad passing. 

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