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Mark Chapman is one of the country's best-loved presenters across both TV, where he fronts Match of the Day 2, and radio, where he is the voice of BBC 5 Live's sports coverage. The man known to millions across the UK and beyond as 'Chappers' talks to Luke about how his career started, his best and worst moments as a broadcaster and why he's happy to be known as 'the grouting in the tiles'. Delivered with Mark's trademark self-deprecation and humour, this month's Ramble Meets... is a fascinating insight into what it takes to be a top level live broadcaster on both radio and television. Mark's book For The Love of the Game is out now in paperback. Pick up a copy here: https://t.co/9seaoUIA6d

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This is a re-release of a Ramble Meets... from 28th June 2017. Previously only available to acast+ subscribers. Enjoy!

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