The Blizzard: Blackpool 4-3 Bolton, 1953
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For our latest episode of Greatest Games, in association with The Blizzard, we’re looking back at that thrilling 1953 FA Cup final contested by Blackpool and Bolton: ‘The Stanley Matthews Final’. Joining us is Seb Stafford-Bloor, a writer for Football365 and Four Four Two magazine, as well as a content editor of Tifo Football.

This final was a hugely significant moment in British football history. As it was the first final to be broadcast live on the BBC, the match was watched by a huge, unprecedented audience from all over the country. It also took place around the time that football was just beginning to be considered as the true ‘game of the people’ and still remains the only final where a hat-trick was scored. Seb, Jonathan and Marcus sit down and recount the rudimentary tactics and goalkeeping errors that led this match to be one of the most thrilling cup finals ever played.

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