The Blizzard: Brazil 0-1 France, 2006
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For our latest episode of Greatest Games, we’re joined by football writer and broadcaster Tom Williams as we take a deeper look at the 2006 World Cup quarter-final between Brazil and France. This match, despite being awash with some of the greatest players in history, was completely dominated by the balletic and utterly irresistible Zinedine Zidane.

After two poor seasons with Real Madrid, many—Zidane included—felt his star was on the wane. So pervasive was this sentiment, that he announced his retirement ahead of this tournament. What followed however, against Spain in the Round of 16 and against Brazil, was a final glimpse of Zidane at his best in all his former glory. This Joga Bonito-inspired Brazil side, featuring some of the nation’s greatest attacking talent ever, could do nothing in response. Zidane left his mark on this game in broad, beautiful strokes and cemented himself as one of the greatest midfielders football has ever seen.

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