The Blizzard: Manchester United 3-2 Juventus, 1997
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On today’s episode of Greatest Games, in association with The Blizzard, we’re joined by football writer and Guardian contributor John Brewin. Here’s here to discuss a scintillating group stage match in the 1997 Champions League: Manchester United 3-2 Juventus.

Even as Serie A’s reign as the world’s greatest league was coming to a close, Juventus were still a totemic footballing powerhouse. Sir Alex Ferguson regularly measured his side against his Italian counterparts, but struggled to break through the glass ceiling that English teams typically faced in European competition. Those who performed well domestically were then beaten by cannier, more impressive sides from across the continent- as the first minute of this game typified. However, what followed Del Piero’s first-minute opener was a fantastic response from United, buoyed on by the Old Trafford faithful, as they began to establish themselves as one of Europe’s elite.

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