The Blizzard: Torino 5-3 Atalanta, 1947
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We look back at one of the famous sides of post-war Europe on today’s episode of Greatest Games, in association with The Blizzard. Journalist and author Dominic Bliss joins us to discuss the Grande Torino side and their 5-3 win over Atalanta in the 1946/47 Serie A season.

After managing Torino in 1939, Jewish coach Ernő Egri Erbstein had to return to Hungary as the Second World War begun. He saw no alternative but to volunteer himself to work in fascist labour camps to try and survive – after six torturous years where he and his family endured the worst of the Hungarian holocaust, he managed to escape the camp and stay alive. After the war ended, he returned to Torino and coached a side that had won two Serie A titles since his departure, on the back of his central European counter-attacking football that was so prevalent at the time. Dominic joins us to discuss Erbstein’s remarkable life, his return to Turin and his place among the pantheon of great Hungarian coaches.

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