Arteta admits Arsenal need to control their emotions in north London derby

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Mikel Arteta has admitted that Arsenal need to have better control over their emotions after being hit with consecutive FA charges.

The Gunners were issued with a £40,000 fine on Friday for failing to control their players in the goalless draw against Newcastle United, following appeals for a last-minute penalty at Emirates Stadium.

Another charge then came the way of Arteta’s side for similar appeals in the FA Cup third-round victory over Oxford United, with Arsenal’s behaviour in both matches attracting criticism.

Sunday’s north London derby against Tottenham will provide another test of Arsenal’s ability to control their temper, as they seek to maintain their position at the top of the Premier League standings.

Arteta faced questions about the charges in his pre-match press conference and, while he admitted the team needs to do better in that aspect, feels he cannot control his own emotions.

“I care a lot about the reputation of the club, especially. Mine, I cannot control. I am who I am,” he said.

“I try to do my best to defend the players, to defend the club and that comes down to certain people who won’t like it. For sure, if everybody would like it, it wouldn’t be very good.

“It’s not that I don’t care. But I care a lot more, especially when I’m doing my job. When I’m sitting at home, I care about what my wife thinks and what people think but you don’t see it.

“But when I’m in the public eye, I care a lot [about] what can we do the best for the club and the best to defend the players. And this is my role as well.

“I agree that we have to control what we can control and there are certain things that we can do better.

“That’s what big teams do, and the next one it’s over, and you can draw or lose and it can mean very different circumstances.

“You haven’t played when, the opponent was better than you, get a wrong decision, you didn’t finalise the action the way you should, and someone make an error. But the next game has to be over.

“And hopefully, we have learned and we will try to do that. But in this league, there is no guarantee because the next game is going to be competitive and the next one. So, you have to earn it.”

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