´Magic´ Foden can be whatever he wants, says Man City team-mate De Bruyne

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Phil Foden can be “whatever he wants” because of the magic he has at his disposal, according to Manchester City team-mate Kevin De Bruyne.

The England winger is already a four-time Premier League winner, and has helped the national team enjoy deep runs in two major tournaments so far.

At just 22, however, Foden still appears a long way from realising his potential, an assessment with which De Bruyne agrees.

Ahead of a return to top-flight action against Leeds United, De Bruyne said of Foden: “He is still that young boy who just loves to play football. Every time you see a ball running around, he is running to it.

“He is probably one of the biggest talents that I have played with, and his ceiling can be so high. He has already won four Premier Leagues, and he is 22.

“He is doing well for himself. He is very smart as a player. Where there are a lot of tactics, you still have that guy who has that little bit of magic, and he is one of those guys.

“The ceiling is so high. He has already done so much at that age playing for a team like us who have to win all of the time.

“He has already done so much at [his] age. He can do that for the next 15 years if he wants to, and then he can be whatever he wants.”

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