Sugar Daddy clubs and different owner types

November 8, 2022

Understanding the type of owners on football Manager 2023 can be key to you deciding which club to join.

Now known as a ‘Rich Benefactor’, there are four different types of these sugar daddies in football Manager 2022: Foreground, Background, Underwriter, and Underwriter (Expects Return), each of which offers a wildly different experience on the game.

Here’s an explanation of each type of owner and a list of clubs you could join if that sounds like your kind of challenge.

This is the owner you want – one who is prepared to throw money at the squad to fund new signings and improve the training facilities with the sole view of succeeding in football.

Think PSG, Man City, Newcastle or Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea for famous examples of a Foreground owner.

Background owners are focused on ensuring the club are financially stable, without throwing a whole load of money at the squad.

They can often invest as a reward for team performance, such as promotions or growing your reputation, but don’t expect them to go crazy.

This is the most common type of owner on the game. An Underwriter will come in and wipe out any debts at the club, but they won’t go crazy with their investment and will likely leave you to fend for yourself, only interjecting if things go downhill.

They’ll make sure your club is doing alright but won’t throw any more of their own money at the squad.

If your Underwriter expects returns, they will look to recover the money they invested to clear your club’s debts when you eventually get back on top.

They do want to help the club but are not prepared to lose their own money and will demand their investment back before considering putting any more into the club.